The New Americans Expo is a welcoming space created to celebrate the integration of recent waves of immigrants to the United States. It is an initiative of the New Americans Organization in partnership with the private sector, the public sector, local government and the Montgomery County Office of Community Partnerships to help integrate these New Americans into our communities.

At the expo you will find all kinds of services available to immigrants and their families. Government agencies and nonprofits showcasing the services they provide to residents like housing, health, education, and many more. The local businesses and entrepreneurs also come and share with us the products and services they offer to the residents.

The expo is also a forum to voice the topics of interest to our local communities. Every year we invite different local associations to organize panels, workshops, seminars and talks about issues they want to discuss.  We work together to find solutions.

We also have fun.
We bring in the talent in our community from cultures from all over the world to entertain our many visitors. Singers, musicians, dancers, and Dj’s. We make sure all our visitors and their families have fun, nice food and snacks.

The expo is hold at the Civic Building Silver Spring, MD, every year.