Thank you very much for your interest in the New Americans Expo 2016.

You can’t change the world if no one knows what you are doing. We recognize the important work your organization does for the communities. As an exhibitor, at the New Americans Expo, you have a unique opportunity to reach out to many communities. Communities with their own intrinsic culture, language and traditions. We work very hard to do the marketing and advertising campaigns that your budget cannot spare. In our marketing campaign we make use of T.V., radio, social media, print, outdoor banners, signage and 21,000.00 inserts alone in different local papers. outdoor advertising on metro buses and posters. Last year our Expo brought in people from all communities.

The cost for the nonprofit package is $100 sign up today and make a difference!

New Americans constitute a critical segment of our region. For businesses and service providers, they represent a market segment that can’t be ignored. For community organizations and nonprofits, they represent important segments of the population your organizations should be reaching and serving. In Montgomery County alone, New Americans make up 32 percent of the population, that is more than 336,000 residents. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet new people who could need your services.

Nonprofit Packets New Americans Expo 2016



We have a limited number of booths for nonprofits, and agencies, please fill out the form below and send it to us. The deadline to receive your application is September 15, 2016.

Application for Nonprofits

Contact us. We'd be happy to answer any question you have.