Thank you for your interest in the New Americans Expo 2016.

You are doing important work, you have products and services that can help our community. As an exhibitor, you have a unique opportunity to build brand awareness, capture market share, cultivate new clients and position your organization as a leader in the field.

The New Americans Expo offers you the unique opportunity to reach segments of our population that are hard to reach due to it’s diversity of culture, languages and traditions. The expo is a door to the Asian, African, Latino, Middle Eastern and Eastern European communities in the DMV area.

The new Americans constitute a critical segment of our population. For businesses and service providers, they represent a market segment that can’t be ignored. For community organizations and nonprofits, they represent important size groups that your organization should be serving and connecting with.

In Montgomery County alone, New Americans make up 32 percent of the population. That’s 336,000 residents, with a combined purchasing power of $7.5 billion. For more information go to the tab with the resources.


The deadline to receive your application and your payment is September 15th. After this date we can still receive some applications but your logo will not be printed in the more than 21,000 copies of an insert to be distributed in different local papers.


Contact us. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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