New Americans Organization


The New Americans Organization works to make communities stronger through serving individuals and families who are immigrants, and foster inclusive communities across the nation where everyone can reach their greatest potential and contribute to a prosperous economy and flourishing culture.


New Americans Organization


The mission of the Office of Community Partnerships (OCP) is to strengthen relationships between the Montgomery County government and the residents it serves, with special focus on underserved and emerging communities and our neighbors in need. The OCP serves as a bridge builder between the County government and community organizations serving the residents of Montgomery County, working across the barriers of race, ethnicity, income, and religion that too often diminish communities. OCP’s mission is to carry out the County Executive’s commitment to build a larger policy table with participation by a more diverse range and greater number of residents as we work to become America’s most welcoming community.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Montgomery County

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Montgomery County

The mission of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MC) is to support its members and advance the State of Maryland as a national and global competitive leader in economic growth and private sector job creation through its effective advocacy, high level networking and timely communications.


MI MADRE. ORG, is a 501(c) 3, tax exempt  non profit organization that Welcomes,Informs Shares and Helps  support our Immigrant families in our communities.  These families are like our families that 10,20 or 100 years ago went in search of their dream. Families in search of freedom of religion, families in search of better education for their children, families in search of the American dream.
MiMadre provides the opportunity and support through training, education,insights and activities that help our Immigrant families become an integral part of the community.

Betsy McGuire, Founder, President of offers  “4 Reasons to the Attend New Americans Expo this year!”

1. Learn – This is the most obvious motivation for most people who attend. Our Expo brings valuable information on top news, and issues on immigration and diversity. From policies on new efforts, initiatives,trends, community services to engaging conversations on art, religion and culture.
2. Network – This is the number one reason people cite for attending an expo. At the NAE you get to know an incredible amount of people to connect, learn and share ideas. Working together makes us stronger. 
3. Content – Social media has changed how we present our thoughts and ideas.  At NAE you have the opportunity to tweet snippets and stats using our conference hashtags.#NAE2016. Download our NAE App for live streaming news and info. By being a part of the NAE buzz, you get your name out there and a slice of the “thought leadership pie.”
 4. Share – When you attend our NAE expo you Learn, Network, create Content and Share. We invite you to share our ideas, promote your business and make the NAE experience an exciting event. See you there!!